our main services

    Evaluation of the requirements ⋅ Estimation of the construction costs ⋅ Optimization of interior layout with preliminary drafts ⋅ Design engineering ⋅ Critical path schedule ⋅ Quality control program


    Support through construction permit application ⋅ Preparation of final drawings for construction ⋅ Strict planning and project management ⋅ Rigorous cost control ⋅ Experienced site personnel ⋅ Tools and equipment adapted to the work ⋅ Coordination of supply and subcontractors ⋅ Quality control follow-up


    As-built drawings ⋅ Warrantees ⋅ Operation and maintenance manuals


    Assessment of the site and its possibilities ⋅ Analysis of the existing building when adding an extension ⋅ Complete drawings and design

specialized services

      Ardud station has a capacity of 1,5MWh will operate round the clock, 365 days / year and 24 hours / day. The technology is modern, the station is fully automated and requires only an employee to work two hours a day. The employee must ensure that the station is loaded with bio mass, which is then taken and converted into biogas station through an automated technology controlled by Austrian computer.


      Relaxation pool – with an area of 385 square meters and a maximum depth of 140 cm is centrally positioned and is constructed from a complex of pools, water having a temperature of 30-32 degrees Celsius. It is equipped with a hydro-massage and sensational elements: showers in the form of “gooseneck”, cascade of pressure and others.
      Swimming pool for beginners – with an area of 102 square meters and a depth of max. 120 cm, is a pool in rectangular, designed for learning swimming. Water temperature is 30-32 degrees Celsius.
      Children pool – has an area of 87 square meters and a depth ranging between 15 and 50 cm, includes three pools connection between them, with three levels of depth. The water temperature between 30-32 degrees Celsius.