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Purpose of using cookies by the website

This Website uses cookies for the following reasons: (i) to generate statistics about the traffic on the site.

Definition of "cookies" on the Site

The Website uses HTTPS cookies. An HTTPS cookie or a cookie module is a special text, often encoded, sent by a web server to a web browser and then sent back (unchanged) by the web browser each time it accesses that server. A website that uses HTTPS has cookies that prevent their transmission to a non-HTTPS page even if it is located at the same URL. An HTTPS cookie is not accessible through non-HTTP means/methods (which includes HTTPS as well), such as JavaScript, not being the target of cross-site scripting attacks. A cookie is a small file, consisting of letters and numbers, which will be stored on the computer, mobile terminal, or other equipment of a user accessing the Site.

The cookie is completely “passive,” does not contain software programs, viruses, or spyware, and cannot access information from the user’s hard drive. A cookie consists of two parts: the name and its content or the value of the cookie. Furthermore, the lifespan of a cookie is determined; technically, only the web server that sent the cookie can access it again when a user returns to the website associated with that web server.

The cookies on this Website do not request personal information to be used and do not provide access to personal data.

Role of cookies on the Site

Within our Website, HTTPS cookies play an important role in facilitating access and delivery of services that the user enjoys, such as: (i) providing feedback on how the Website is used, so that it can be made even more efficient and accessible for users; (ii) feedback consists of anonymized statistical data (without allowing the individualization of the user). (iii) information about traffic on this Website: the type of browser used, the time spent on the site, the number of pages accessed, data about the user’s internet provider (name, country, and county/region).

How are cookies used by this Site?

A visit to this Website can place the following types of cookies: (i) Analysis cookies (_ga and _gat).

Analysis cookies

The Website implements a Google Analytics solution to collect information about traffic on the Website. Every time a user visits this site, the Google Analytics software generates analysis cookies. The browser will tell us if you have these cookies, and if not, they will be generated. These cookies are not used by the Website ( https://tgcgroup.ro ) to identify individuals; they are used only for statistical purposes. Specific information, such as the IP address, is not stored.

Based on these cookies, the following information can be collected: (i) The type of browser used and information about the user’s internet service provider (ISP) such as name, country, and county. No data is collected/accessed regarding the user’s terminal IP address. (ii) Website performance, (iii) Pages accessed, (iv) Time spent on one page or multiple pages.

The analysis cookies are called “_ga and _gat.” The _ga and _gat cookies are created and used by the Google Analytics JavaScript library. Upon the first access to the website, the Google Analytics JavaScript library creates these cookies with unique random values representing the client ID. This Client ID is later used by the Google Analytics server to identify a unique user.